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Laikiklis Guru REAPER REST XL

Prekių pristatymas 1-2 dienos


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Prekės kodas: GRPFX
Likutis: Prekę turime

Guru REAPER REST XL tai aukštos kokybės meškerės laikiklis.

Matmenys: 49 cm ilgio

The Guru XL Reaper Rest has been developed to cover all natural feeder fishing situations. The Reaper XL is ideal for speed fishing, or any bream/skimmer feeder work. The rest features micro grooves that protect your line and a long straight rest that gives you the option of positioning your rod wherever you’d like. Particularly effective on towing venues, or when the wind creates a strong bend in your tip. Featuring a bright orange upright which can be used to lock your rod in place and prevent you losing your rod on a fierce bite



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