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Match-Waggler meškerės Preston SUPERA X FLOAT RODS

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Match-Waggler meškerės Preston SUPERA X FLOAT RODS

A range of rods designed specifically to meet the demands of modern float fishing styles. The Supera X range is the pinnacle of float fishing rod design! Three models cover both commercial and natural style tactics. With each model featuring seamless actions and superb balance, these rods can be held all day with ease.

Minima guides feature on every model. Reducing weight & adding extra distance to every cast due to reduced friction and a wider diameter.

As with all our premium rods. The Supera X feature flat EVA/cork handles which are finished off with the Supera X logo engraved into the EVA.

Supera X 11ft Pellet Waggler
Designed to Andy Power’s exact specifications. This rod is the go-to choice for short to medium range casts with wagglers up to 8grams in size. Featuring a stunning parabolic action which bends right through to the butt. Perfect for battling hard fighting fish and preventing hook pulls. A short handle enables the rod to be manoeuvred with ease while also improving balance, perfect for busy styles of fishing.

Supera X 12ft Carp Waggler
A rod that we have been asked for countless times. This 12ft model fills the gap where longer casts and large floats are required. Featuring a strong through action this rod is perfect for venues where large fish are the target. Although powerful, this rod is a dream to use thanks to its superb balance and recovery speed.

Supera X 13ft Waggler
Designed for more traditional styles of float fishing. The 13ft length offers superb line pick up and allows the angler to fish in deeper water. This model features a more traditional action. Allowing it to be used for all sizes of fish, a true all-rounder.




Supera X 11Ft Pellet Waggler, Supera X 12Ft Carp Waggle, Supera X 13Ft Waggler

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