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Šeryklos kulka Preston Bullet Feeder

Prekių pristatymas 1-2 dienos


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A brand-new updated design of one of the most popular feeder styles used for distance casting. Tthe new wire cage Bullet Feeders have been purpose built for casting long distances. Manufactured from stainless steel wire these feeders are built to withstand the constant punishment of regular casting at range. Available in four different body sizes and 20 different weights ranging from 20g-50g there is a feeder in this range to cover every eventuality.



Šeryklėlės svoris

large 30g., large 40g., large 50g., medium 20g., medium 30g., medium 40g., medium 50g., micro 30g., micro 40g., small 20g., small 30g., small 40g., small 50g.

Prekes pristatome per 2-14dienų. Dėl konkrečios pristatymo datos galite teirautis užpildę formą pateiktą žemiau.

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