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Šonininiai stalai Preston VENTA-LITE HOODIE SIDE TRAYS

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Šonininiai stalai  Preston VENTA-LITE HOODIE SIDE TRAYS
Tvirti stalai su gaubtais . Xl stalas priekyje turį liniuote gali būti naudojamas norint greitai ir efektyviai išmatuoti pavadėlių ilgį. Stalams nereikia atraminių kojų, o naudojant itin didelius masalo kiekius, rekomenduojame naudoti šoninio stalo atraminę svirtį.P0110036

Tinka 36 mm kojai

Ventalite Hoodie XL – Large enough to keep a huge amount of bait undercover and away from the rain or sun. Simply lift the hood and fix in place with the hand screws on the side. A measure on the front of the tray can be used to quickly and effectively measure hooklengths or the depth you are fishing at, vital for efficiency in many types of fishing. New extra strong knuckles allow the tray to be used without a support leg in most instances. When using extreme quantities of bait we recommend the use of a Side Tray Support Arm.

Ventalite Hoodie – The Venta-Lite Hoodie is the ideal side tray when you are expecting changeable weather conditions throughout the day. You can comfortably fish with the hood down and simply pull it up when the rain starts, helping to keep your bait in top condition throughout the session. The hood is tightened into place with two handwheels which are located to the side of the tray

Ventalite Hoodie Small – The Venta-Lite Hoodie Side Tray – Small has been developed specifically for the angler who prefers a more compact side tray while the hood helps to keep your bait in perfect condition. This tray is the perfect model for those situations where a small quantity of bait and accessories are needed, ideal for use in the winter months when the weather is particularly severe or during warmer weather when keeping your bait sheltered from the sun is crucial.




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