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Guru šeryklėlės Caged window feeder

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Guru šeryklėlės Bait Up window feeder x-small, small, medium, large.

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Designed for accurately feeding particles and groundbait at all distances, the ‘open cage’ design of this feeder also offers rapid bait release over the standard X-Change Window Feeder. The weight-forward bullet cuts through the air in even the most turbulent and windy conditions, helping anglers achieve ultimate accuracy at the extreme distance. Suitable for use with a wide range of particle baits such as casters, maggots, chopped worms, hemp and pellets. These feeders leave an attractive trail of bait as they fall through the water due to the open cage design, before depositing the main load of bait quickly over a controlled area on the bottom. The X-Change weight system makes the extremely versatile as the casting weight can be fine-tuned quickly and easily during your session in a matter of seconds.

• X-Change Weight System allows the weight to be quickly and easily adjusted
• Weight forward, tapered design for increased distance and accuracy
• The ‘Open Cage’ design offers very quick and attractive bait release
• Unique design is great in both deep and shallow venues
• Available in five sizes XS, S, M, L and Bait-Up
• Large open cage panels offer a vast range of baiting and feeding options
• Discreet Guru Camo Finish
• Can be used with the Guru Micro Lead Clip System



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Large 30g.+40g., Large 50g.+60g., Medium 30g.+40g., Medium 50g.+60g., Small 20g.+30g., Small 40g.+50g., X-Small 20g.+30g., X-Small 40g.+50g.

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